ISES represents a combined initiative amongst medical professionals from a multidisciplinary background with a common shared interest and passion to work towards delivering uniform, high quality patient care in the treatment of diseases of the Esophagus and Stomach.

ISES will work towards standardising delivery of care, improving the understanding of the pathophysiology of esophago gastric disease, promoting collaborative research and prtovide a sounding board for medical professionals and the general public. We aim to evolve this society as a truly participative model comprised of colleagues/professionals within the country and experts all over the world who have an interest in Upper GI disorders. This would include Gastroenterologists (Surgical & Medical) Oncologists (Surgical, Medical and Radiation) , Radiologists and Pathologists( GI interest) and allied specialties.


  • ISES will serve as a non-profitable organization for promotion and advancement of scientific knowledge and research for diseases of the Esophagus & Stomach.
  • ISES will work towards increasing awareness amongst physicians and the general public regarding the evidence-based management of diseases of the Esophagus & Stomach.
  • ISES will promote interdisciplinary interactions among clinicians dealing with management of esophageal & gastric diseases at National and International level.
  • ISES will strive to bring uniformity in disease management through introduction of Evidence-Based Guidelines and management protocols for Esophageal & gastric diseases.
  • ISES will encourage basic and clinical research in esophageal & gastric diseases and help in translation of laboratory discoveries to patient care.
  • ISES will assist Government and non-governmental agencies in all matters pertaining to esophageal & gastric diseases.