The ISES represents a combined initiative amongst doctors/colleagues/medical professionals from a multidisciplinary background with a common shared interest and passion to work towards delivering the best of patient care in the treatment of diseases of the Esophagus and Stomach. The Society will work towards improving the understanding of the pathophysiology, promoting collaborative research, standardising delivery of care and as a result offer the best of possible outcomes for patients. We aim to evolve this society as a truly participative model comprised of colleagues/professionals within the country and experts all over the world who have an interest in Upper GI disorders.

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  • Hello ISES members

    Dear friend and colleagues,

    It has been over 2 months since our society has been inaugurated and kindly excuse the relative lack of activity from the admin end.

    A couple of forums have been initiated about the inauguration and on POEM for Achalasia but no activity has been observed.

    Just wondering if the message is getting across to the subscribed members.

    Just want to confirm that and we would be grateful if you could reply either in the forum or send a separate email to

    Looking forward to some initiation of activity.

    Admin team.

  • Questions to Experts

    Do you require more information or an expert’s opinion on any particular aspect of illness related to the Esophagus or Stomach?
    We are here to help.

  • For Professionals

    Forum for interactions amongst multidisciplinary group of clinicians related to all aspects of Esophagogastric diseases.



The latest guidelines from Professional National & International organizations.

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